How To Stop Being Afraid Eating Out And Worrying That You’ll Get Glutened (Even If You’re Really Sensitive)

I’ll show you exactly step-by-step what to say and do to confidently order gluten-free at restaurants and feel like a normal person again.


From the desk of JENNIFER FUGOJenHeadShotNosarRosis

Founder of Gluten Free School


Dear Gluten-Free Friend…

I know how much strain going gluten-free has been for you.

The pit in your stomach as you stare as a menu, but the only thing you’re worried about is if you’re going to get glutened.

I’ve totally been there — my stomach doing flips feeling like my attempt to ask questions is brushed off. I’m not honestly sure the server believes me just how important it is that I get a truly gluten-free meal.

Because getting glutened means one thing for me — nauseating, painful, run-to-the-bathroom-now-or-else explosive diarrhea.

And it’s not just one casual stroll to the restroom. It’s my adult version of the 50-meter dash hoping the bathroom isn’t occupied — or else!

Then come on the headaches, rough red rashes across my cheeks, brain fog and fatigue that sucks my energy away, and of course… more diarrhea for days.

Heaven forbid this happens when you’re traveling… talk about a fast way to ruin your plans and spend your trip making besties with the toilet.

As if this wasn’t enough, let’s not forget about the looks and glares sent in your direction. Or those insensitive (or just plain rude) comments about how “difficult” you’re being that make your face flushed with embarrassment.

Many times I’ve wished that I could just crawl under the table and scurry unnoticed from the restaurant thinking “Why did I even think eating out was a good idea?”

I got tired of feeling judged and ridiculed by family members and friends who think I’m doing this for fun or a fad. I hated being the butt of their jokes that cut right through the thin shred of confidence I had and made me feel like a weirdo loser.

Guess I could have thrown in the towel… and maybe you have because you feel like no one’s on your side and the stakes are too high if you get glutened.

But I ask that you give me a moment to check this out because I went from being a pasta-and-bread-loving Italian gal who spent the better half of 8 years hitting every road bump while eating out.

Fortunately for you, I’ve figured out exactly what works (and what doesn’t) so that a safe dish makes its way to me time and time again no matter if I’m at a chain restaurant or a mom-and-pop BYOB. And I’ve learned how to make it through trips without getting glutened.

From that experience, I’ve taught thousands of gluten-free women (and men) how to passed all the frustration and fear of getting glutened so that they can confidently and safely dine out.

Before I share more specifics, have you tried any of these strategies?


Here are 4 strategies that don’t ever work – yet people still try them (and end up getting glutened)

      • Ordering food that LOOKS LIKE it is gluten-free. You didn’t ask, but you read all of the ingredients. They look safe and the dish seems simple enough. You assume that it should be gluten free… but it’s not. But what you didn’t know that gluten is hidden in those chicken enchiladas made with corn tortillas.  
      • Eating food that your friend, who says she’s really sensitive to gluten, claims is safe. There’s absolutely no truth that your body will react the same way every time you are exposed to gluten no matter how sensitive you are. There’s also no guarantee that you’ll have as strong of a reaction if there’s a smaller around of gluten in something. The bottomline is that your friend who says she’s super sensitive to gluten isn’t a gluten detector. You can’t go by her because there’s science to show that feeling good does not mean that you were not exposed to gluten nor that you don’t have damage to your gut as a result of eating contaminated food.
      • Using gluten-free apps (like Find Me Gluten-Free) to find a safe meal. Ideally, these apps should make it easy to find restaurants ready and able to serve you a safe meal. The concept is great, but the reality of how these apps work doesn’t guarantee you’ll find a safe restaurant let alone a safe meal. There’s no vetting that goes into listing a restaurant. Reviews of restaurants are even more untrustworthy! I’ve seen way too many reviews claiming that “this place has great gluten-free fries!” only to find out that the fries were never gluten-free because they’re fried with other gluten-filled foods. Or that the prep space where they’ll make your food is loaded with breadcrumbs and flour. Only you find out the hard way after eating your meal that it wasn’t really gluten-free. 
      • Trusting that those gluten-free chicken fingers (and other fried foods) are really gluten-free. Gluten can’t be cooked away. Many restaurants still haven’t gotten the memo that just because the pre-cooked food was labeled gluten-free doesn’t mean it’s still gluten-free after it’s cooked. I’ve been to restaurants where they claimed to serve gluten-free chicken fingers that are fried with wheat-breaded onion rings. Or bacon that’s cooked on an uncleaned grill used to toast rolls. The surface or oil must be clean and free of gluten or else you will get glutened.


It all comes down to trust.

As with anything in life — trust is everything.

Being able to trust people or experiences makes you feel safe, comfortable and in control. It allows you to enjoy the moment and be fully present to whomever you’re out with.

This is in stark contrast to feeling like you can’t depend on or have faith in a strangers who are supposed to serve you. Servers who may very well have no comprehension that you just want a nice night out without worry or running to the bathroom 10 times and being sick for days.

Not knowing what’s going on behind the scenes at a kitchen or whether the waiter believes that you REALLY need to be gluten-free probably doesn’t make you feel confident about eating out.

And to be fair, there are so many opportunities for gluten to sneak into your meal because of carelessness, a lack of education about what REALLY makes a meal gluten-free, or serious disrespect for patrons like you (and me) who require a bit more care.

Add to this the uncertainty you’ve probably felt not knowing exactly what to say to get the answers you need before you take a bite and well…

It feels like you’re headed into the lion’s den unsure of which lion is ultimately going to get you. Not having the confidence and know-how to navigate a menu loaded with gluten landmines isn’t fun. And it’s made worse by the lack of support you feel from those out with you who make your “issues” the butt of every joke.

I get it. When you don’t feel like you can trust the experience of dining out… throwing in the towel and eating every meal at home seems like a small price to pay just to avoid this massive stress.

One slip up will mean a lot more to you than it will to anyone else.

You’ll be the one hanging out with the toilet or doubled over in pain.

And you’re the only one left to deal with the consequences of…

      • Missing work because you feel like you came down with the flu
      • Unstoppable diarrhea that makes it impossible for you to go too far from a bathroom
      • Itchy, scaly rashes that take weeks to go away
      • Headaches (or even migraines) that make it impossible to focus
      • Exhaustion that keeps you from taking care of your home and family
      • You’re labeled “the difficult one” by family, friends, and even co-workers…

Plus all these other “fun” side effects from getting glutened…

  • Bloating
  • Embarrassing, smelly gas that drives people out of the room
  • Constipation
  • Abdominal discomfort or pain
  • Autoimmune flares
  • Joint pain
  • Nausea
  • Canker sores

Just to name a few. Everyone’s experience after getting glutened is different.

But what is the same are the thoughts running through your mind trying to identify the hidden culprit.

It’s awful feeling failed by a gluten-free diet because it’s sucking your life away.


That’s why you end up feeling like you’ve only got two choices…

Either accept that you can’t eat outside of your home without incurring the brunt of gluten-related consequences…

Or constantly live in fear of food, distrusting of everyone who doesn’t get what you go through as you pick at your food hoping you don’t start to feel sick.

The result from choosing either of these options is that you won’t ever feel like a normal person again.

You won’t have the freedom to take a night off from cooking or partake in occasions meant to celebrate birthdays, engagements, graduations, or heck… just being on vacation.

But what if I told you that there was a third (and much better) choice?

Take a moment and think about what’s it’s for you to drive your car. I’m sure the first few times you went out learning to drive weren’t pretty. The experience of learning to drive was probably stressful and scary. But with practice and good guidance, you learned how to do it so that now there are so many things you can do (like staying on your side of the road) without even thinking about them.

My point is that the skill of driving has become second-nature to you.

And that’s how dining out can be.

The best part is… that this positive dining out experience that you really want is totally possible for you.

You can go out to lunch and easily navigate your way around a menu and get the help you REALLY want from the server.

No stress. No condescending comments from the server. No glares. No fuss.

What you get is safe, delicious food, a fun easy-going evening out, and feeling normal.

That’s what being able to dine out can give to you. It means feeling like you belong and that gluten doesn’t get to steal your fun.

I want to share everything I can so that you stop being afraid of ending up sick because of hidden gluten.

As I said before, I’ve done the legwork and been the guinea pig already so that you don’t have to. After testing out approaches and learning about the restaurant industry, I’ve created a roadmap on how to dine out when you’ve GOT to be gluten-free (or else you’ll pay the price).

And I want to make sure that you get your hands on it because it will give you the knowledge, practical real life know-how, and confidence to dine out safely.

And everything I share is something you can start using today including…

  • How to quickly get beyond the paralyzing fear of dining out and getting glutened
  • Where you can and can’t eat at (and how to quickly know the difference)
  • What simple non-annoying questions to ask to make sure your food is safe
  • Enjoy different cuisines without any fuss
  • The super sneaky restaurant red flags of hidden gluten (that most people don’t even know exist)
  • How to get friends and family to go to the safe restaurants of your choosing without putting up a fight (and that they’ll love!)
  • The exact steps to take to know if a restaurant is safe for you to eat at before stepping foot in the door (and finding out the hard way that they’re not)
  • How you can have fun, enjoy being taken care of by the waitstaff, and never feel like you’re being a pain
  • How to share plates with those who aren’t gluten-free at the table (and not get sick!)
  • What to say to the person who answers the phone or who greets you at the restaurant so you get the best service
  • Which dishes are big NO-NO’s for hidden gluten that you’d never guess weren’t gluten-free
  • How to know if the reviews about restaurants on apps or online websites are trustworthy (and what to do instead)
  • What to say if a problem does pop up so that the waitstaff is doing everything they can to get it resolved quickly and make things right without

Real quick… There is some work (not a ton) involved in mastering this skill.

I don’t have a magic wand that can make the experience perfect or without any potential hiccups.

If you’re going to dine out, then you have to learn the ropes.

It’s not complicated, but the bit of energy and time you invest will pay you back in spades so that you feel free and confident to head out for an evening with friends or even to go on vacation.

Because I have been dining out since 2008 and have traveled extensively while being gluten-free, I’ve streamlined everything for you into a “roadmap” so that you can take my know-how and use it.

You can miss all the potholes in the road and see the red flags before that you’re probably not even aware of right now.


Your “How to Eat Out Gluten-Free” eCourse includes:

  • 60-minute webinar presentation ($197 value)
  • 60-minute audio version of the presentation ($30 value)
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  • Wallet Cheatsheet so you don’t forget anything when you are out ($20 value)
  • How to Research Restaurants Guide so you know exactly what to ask before you dine ($45 value)
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  • Lifetime access to all upgrades and additions to this course — no extra fees to get updated information… ever.


“The “How to Eat Out Gluten-Free” eCourse is so informative because it highlights many hidden dangers of gluten when eating out that I wouldn’t have thought of. Jennifer provides valuable tips that teach the importance of planning ahead, advice on how to suggest gluten-free restaurants without garnering a fight from family, and how to navigate potential contamination situations with a good attitude.

Now I know exactly how to handle incorrect meals – like a salad with croutons – so they can’t just bring me out the same dish without the croutons. Thank you for giving us tips to navigate and enjoy dining out!”

Carolyn R., Accounting, Biloxi, MS


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Want to Know What Other People Thought of The Course?
How to Eat Out Gluten-Free” eCourse is a can’t-be-missed resource for gluten-free diners across the board. Whether you are simply sensitive to gluten or dealing with a new celiac disease diagnosis, this guide will help you stop feeling like ‘THAT’ gal or guy when ordering at restaurants.

If you’re ready to stop feeling confused and guilty about your “special diet,” and begin feeling empowered, then this no-nonsense guide is a necessity.


Being a young man with Celiac, I’ve definitely struggled to safely dine out gluten-free in many social situations. Jennifer offers tips that allow you to examine the situation at hand instead of rushing into it which helps you avoid careless mistakes or unnecessary stress that can ruin the entire experience.

The “How to Eat Out Gluten-Free” eCourse has definitely helped me and I know it can really make dining out something you can enjoy again.

Taylor Miller, founder of


I’ve spent a lot of time feeling scared to go anywhere and had given up on ever going out to eat again.

After going through the “How to Eat Out Gluten-Free” eCourse, I feel more confident about the entire process of going out now. One of the biggest things for me was learning from Jennifer’s personal experience – she’s “been there and done that” – which means she’s done all the hard work for us to share these tips. I learned that it’s all about doing work ahead of time and keeping a positive attitude & approach to dining out!

I love the Done-For-You templates to use when doing your own research which have put me on the right path to follow when talking to the restaurants. — Falecia C., Oklahoma City

“Before the “How to Eat Out Gluten-Free” eCourse, I felt fearful of dining out because I felt like I lost control and a sense of embarrassment at explaining why I’m gluten-free. Plus I felt uncomfortable going out with others because of what they jokingly call my “interrogation of the wait staff”.

I now feel better equipped to dine out with family and others after going through the eCourse. I’ve learned that the key is to be prepared ahead of time which is made easy with the included restaurant worksheets. I know the questions to ask and how to feel included in the meal. And now I can outsmart the kitchen to prevent them from sending me back out the same meal minus the gluten.

This eCourse is a great tool I’ve added to my arsenal of information I have learned from Jennifer and I thank her very much for that!” — Colleen Smart

After nearly 20 years of gluten-free dining experiences and now training restaurants to serve gluten-free folks, the “How to Eat Out Gluten-Free” eCourse addresses the real concerns and fears of those in the gluten-free community. It is both comprehensive and thorough so that you can effectively speak up for yourself and get a safe meal without feeling like the odd man or woman out.

I highly recommend these steps shared in Jennifer’s eCourse.  This is the guidance that everyone in the gluten-free community needs so that they can finally eat safely! — Ken Scheer, AZ

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100% Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee

If for any reason you feel like the “How to Eat Out Gluten-Free” eCourse isn’t for you, simply send an email to [email protected] I fully stand by the value of this course and don’t want to keep your money if you aren’t happy after going through the program and implementing what I’ve shared.

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